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That was my first kiss and I gave to the guy I love. I know.

I feel like floating in mid-air. So that’s what it feels like, huh?

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To be honest, I am so done with my course. The things tha we were supposed to do are nit the things that they prioritize. I just want to feel fulfilled that what we’re doing is vital for the future of humanity. Why does it feels like we are just doing these requirements for grades? Why would they limit us to that? Why can’t we feel liberated to do what we think is good as well?

Researches, information needs assessment, thesis and many more… These are things that we’re not used to do that is why we need guides. We need help. We cannot just crawk on our own and just hear your scolding about our “stupidity” or “dumbness”. That’s unfair, really. What we need is motivation to keep on.

Look. Your designation as professors or doctor of philosophy, do they really matter if you are not an effective educator anymore?

I think no. I’d rather have instructors. At least they give us more of their time. At least their prioritize our learning more.

You must enhance us to get ready right?

Knowledge is useless if all that you do is boast about it. It’s pathetic and irritating at the same time.

You must share what you know. Don’t be so full of yourselves.

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Communication Failed, Communicators Failed

Can you see the irony in this world? I do.

I have a confession to make.
I am a communication student. As one, I must advocate effective communication between people and be a pioneer of that. In our world, miscommunication is not new anymore. There are instances where in wars start because of this. I believe that this is something that we must address.
I know for a fact that I still have a long way to go in improving my skills in creating an effective communication. I am still a student after all.
Unfortunately, attending one of my classes gave me this realization. It doesn’t matter if you are a communicator or not. The reality is that misunderstanding in communication happens and that’s inevitable.
We have this course subject about pretesting IEC materials to test the effectiveness of the material and improve them more. This is what our teachers are teaching us— to be able to know your audience and know their needs. We must be aware if our means of communicating is effective or not. Despite of that, I became upset of the fact that our teachers, who are supposed to show us what effective communication really is, failed.
Well, it’s not really entirely their fault. I admit that we really get sleepy sometimes during classes, but the fact that they are unfamiliar of that truth, even though they are well aware of it, disgusts me.
They should apply what they teach so that we can see that what we’re about to do is right. I can’t see that.
I can’t see an effective communication inside our classroom. What I see are sleepy students who don’t listen anymore because the lecture is too technical and boring. I see students playing games in their mobile phones just to enteraintain theirselves because they don’t see any connection between them and the teacher. I saw how misunderstanding occurred in our class because the instructions weren’t clear enough. This is not how you know your audience.
Knowing your audience, for me, must be knowing how to catch their attention and maintain that for the limited time you were given. Knowing them must be creating an identity that they could recall and apply in the future. Knowing them must be making your presence loud and clear like a voice. That’s what I think it should be, but that’s not happening.
How can communicators learn how to bring about effective communication if it already failed inside the four-cornered room where they were supposed to learn?
I believe that we are not an ordinary course because our role in our society is also important as doctors or engineers. I am not mocking us. I am just trying to point our shortcomings that we must correct.
Please, let us see that. Let us see that what we’re doing is really what is needed to be done.

This is a challenge! Be a real communicator!

Side note: I wrote this during that particular class because I really can’t understand the lecture.