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how i met him

If there’s one thing that I learned about life, it’s the reality that we’re not in control of ours. Life is… life is unpredictable. Even if you try so hard to plan things and wish it would happen the way we want it to be, it won’t. There’d be failures or, perhaps, imperfections in that action.

So, when I least expect the big change in my life, where I thought nothing’s new aside from the boring cycle of my college life, that’s where he disrupted my view. Well, maybe, more of interrupted my beliefs. He came and I didn’t even expect that he’d come this soon. I wish I could ask for more, but I know I can’t. That would be too greedy of me. This is why I am letting the time take us. We’re going with the flow, with every click of the long and short hand of the clock. We’re keeping track of the so called process, as I am silently hoping that at the tail of this journey, we’ll still meet halfway. Or hopefully, we’ll meet at the end, not apart but together.

At first, he was just the funny guy of the class. I even thought that he was gay because he’s hanging out with girls– cool and pretty girls. We were both from different blocks from the last semester of our first year in college. We met in a very odd way, yes. And I must admit, when I first laid my eyes on him, I find him attractive. He’s not that handsome, really, but he can be himself in front of other people and that’s what makes him extra attractive.

Of course, that admiration did not last long. I didn’t have any plan of creating new chapters of a cliche love story which only meant to end up bad. Anyway, it would be really a miracle if a love story would come to life within our block. But then, a miracle did happen. I was caught up in that moment and I still can’t move on. It really feels surreal for me. I can’t really fathom it– can’t grasp the fact that somewhere between the spaces between him and I, somehow, there’s really a red string connecting us. And this string pulled us together, meeting at the middle. But first, let me recall the process of how we both got there.

I was a dumb girl. I believe I was. A kind of socially-awkward, introvert/extrovert (depends with the mood), and not-so cool teenager. Yes. That’s how I was. Throughout the whole process, I was trying to crawl out of my own shell as the fear tried to creep in. I was excited and anxious at the same time.

Well, he was basically not yet a part of the picture. He was like an outsider. During the first semester of my second year in college, I was not close to any of my new blockmates, and all I cared about was my grades and the reputation which I was trying to keep– the not-so cool kind of girl. I had my fears– everyone have. You know, teenage angst.

I didn’t talk to him or any of his friends unless it’s about school. I was intimidated. I just want to close doors and not care at all. But at the beginning of the second semester, that’s where the boring ride of my once ferris wheel-like life turn to a joyful roller coaster ride. He took his seat there and took a ride.

I became close to him because of anime. That anime! Yeah. I was also deemed as his interpreter during a class in a major subject. I don’t know. The people inside that room didn’t understand anything that he was trying to say but I did. That’s the reason why I explained it the them. Then boom! I became his interpreter!

That title didn’t last long. People tend to forget funny or sad things easily as if it passes away like people do. They forget them unless some try to remember.

We continue to get closer. First, because of anime. Second, because a friend of mine who is a friend of his as well. This friend served as a bridge. Well, that’s what I believe.

He and I were seatmates in our lab. Well, we were if you are sitting behind him. We were not the talkative type of seatmates, but when we start a conversation, I believe it’s anything but logical. It’s odd, but I believed that’s where fun starts. Maybe, sometimes, the logic in our life just disappears and you wouldn’t care enough.

I found myself getting close to him in any way possible. Through chat, call or text. I was letting him open the closed doors. I was trying to fight back the fear. At the back of my mind, I was hoping that I won’t regret what I chose.

I became conscious of every single thing that he’s doing to me. Walking me home with our other friend even if their way to theirs would be a longer walk; buying me food because I nagging him to; promising to cook something for me; and messing up with my hair when I cut and dyed it. He was noticing the small things about me while I was noticing the odd actions he was doing. I tried to deduct his actions. I came up with the conclusion that he might like, but of course, I wouldn’t just settle with my hypothesis. I need proof just like in a research study, I have to find evidence. I can’t just depend on theories. That’s were I started to collect the data. And I was on my journey of finding the answers to my suspicions, I was already beginning to feel that odd feeling. I was starting to like him– well, maybe, like him back. I thought.

So that night came when he called, his laughter was the first sound that I heard. It was not as pleasant as the guys in novels or movies, but I liked the way it sounded in my ears. It was good. He was making fun of me. But I didn’t care. I don’t even mind if he’s like that. I care more about answering my queries. I want to have that process, but during that moment, I just can’t wait. I was in a rush.

I know we have that stupid belief that guys should make the first move. But who cares? Darn that stereotype.

So, I asked him first. But I just couldn’t make myself say the words. He was waiting at the other side of the line. I was afraid. I was contemplating my future decisions. I came up with the most unbelievable decision that I ever took. I felt different doing that. I was like a cool and reckless kind of person, like I really did not care what other people might say at all. I want to stay with that moment and enjoy it.

I said I like him first. NO. I don’t love him (yet), but I like him. I also told him that it’s okay if he doesn’t like me back. I wouldn’t mind. I just wanted him to know.

He said he was nervous. And I could hear his deep sigh from the other line. I started to feel upset when he can’t even just shrug what I said if he doesn’t like me.

It’s cool that I told him, but if he can’t reciprocate that feeling then it’s only ethical to forget about it. But he didn’t. A long pause. Then, he told me not to be a pessimist. But I wasn’t, right?

That’s where I felt something inside my stomach, as if butterflies were inside. I already know the answer but I still want him to say it. I want him to tell me.

He likes me, too. No! He loves me. I can’t really explain what I felt that time. I was happy, upset, afraid and excited all at once. I just wanted to cry. He was there. I could hear him and I was okay.

I wish… I only wish he won’t get tired. He agreed with the process that I want to take. Don’t rush. Yes, don’t.

Please, don’t get tired of waiting because I am also waiting— for the perfect timing.

Someday, we’ll reach the end of this long chase. I hope during that time, I would still be able to say, freely and happily, how I’ve also fallen for you.

I love you, too.




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Bente Ka Na, Kaya May Bente Ako

Oo, ang tanda mo na nga
Matanda ka at mataba pa
Tanda ko pa noong maliliit tayo
Sabi ko maliit yung posibilidad na maging malapit tayo
Tayo yung aso’t pusa eh
Ikaw yung tumatahol, ako yung kumakalmot
Pero bigla ata natin iyong nilimot
O baka naman pagod na tayo sa yamot
Pero teka, hindi naman ito tungkol dun eh
Tungkol ito sa kaarawan  mo
Yung kaarawan mong puno ng nagkalat na paputok at stick ng barbeque
Ha! Bagong taon nga, bagong buhay na rin kapatid
Bagong taon sa iba, pagbabago rin ng taon mo
Pero kelan rin kaya madadagdagan ang tangkad mo?
Kasabay sa numero ng edad mo?
Bagong taon na, tumalon ka ba?
20 ka na ngayong 2017
Kaso mukha ka pa ring seventeen
Pero alam mo namang mahal kita diba?
Kahit sa text ko lang nasasabi
Kahit kapag tulog lang habang nahilik
Matanda ka na, mataba pa
Kaya sana maisipan mo ring awayin yung mga pagkain
Kasi puro ka kain
Tula pa ba ito?
Mahilig ka kasi sa mga uso
Naku, hindi ko na alam kung konektado
Hindi kasi ako magaling dito
Oo, asan na ako? Ah! Uso.
Uso dito, uso dyan, hanggang humaba na yung nguso
Pero dalang-dala mo naman ate
Dala mo lahat ng kolorete
Sa katawan mo na mura nga pero maganda
Mabait na anak, pandak nga lang
Mapagbigay, kahit yung wallet wala ng laman
Magaling ka rin at maganda
O ayan, nakangiti ka na ba?
Yung bente ko mamaya ha?
Wag mong kalilimutan kapag binati kita.

“Mahal kita. Peksman. Walang titibag.”



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Bagong Kwento

Ikaw iyong napaginipan ko nung isang gabi. Yung lalaking humawak sa kamay ko habang nakangiti. Hindi ko alam kung bakit napangiti rin ako. Basta pakiramdam ko malapit ka sa akin, kasing-lapit ng palad mo sa palad ko. Kita ko ang mga mata mo habang nakapikit ang akin. Kita ko ang mga ngiti mo habang yung labi ko naglalaway na ata. Pagtapos nun, dumating na ang umaga. Dumating ang malamig na umaga, kasabay ng mainit na sinag ng araw at pagmulat ko, pagbukas ng inaantok ko pang mga mata, wala ka na. Hindi ko na maaninag ang iyong mukha. Hindi ko na maramdaman iyong koneksyon natin habang ako ay nakapikit. Tila ba binawi ng paggising ko ang katotohanang hindi totoo ang mga nakita ko. Tila ba sinampal ako sa riyalidad na sa panaginip ka lang magiging totoo. At oo, sa panaginip nga lang tayo nagkatagpo.
Pero sana, ngayong pinatuloy ko ang bagong taon kasabay ng paggising ng bagong umaga, sana makita kita. Sana tumuloy ka rin para magkaroon tayo ng tulay at magkatagpo sa gitna ng lahat ng ito– sa gitna ng gulo, sa gitna ng riyalidad at ilusyon ko.

Sana magkita tayo habang nakamulat ang pareho nating mga mata, nakangiti ang mga labi at magkahawak ang mga kamay.

Walang pag-aalinlangan kung ang lahat ba ng ito ay sadyang panaginip lang. Walang pangamba na baka bukas, paggising ko wala ka na– naman.

Sana ito na yung bagong kwento na magbubukas ng mas magandang pinto, magsusulat ng mas magandang libro at maglilipat ng bagong pahina. Sana ito na iyong pagkakataon natin para sa riyalidad na magtagpo at hindi na lang sa panaginip.
Ngayong bagong taon, sana dumating ka na. Sana buksan mo na ang pinto ng puso kong walang susi. Sana ikaw na iyon.

Sana… minamahal kong hinaharap.

In celebration of New Year! 2017 hooray! GOD BLESS US ALL EVERYONE! ♥♥♥

Nagmamahal Din Ang Hangin

Hindi na siguro maiiwasan sa ating mundo na minsan makakaligtaan natin ang mga bagay na palagi lang nating nakakasalamuha. Minsan, ang mga bagay na dapat sana ay binibigyang pansin at halaga, ang mga iyon pa ang nakakalimutan nating pahalagahan. Siguro nga likas na sa tao ang mas mahalin ang mga bagay na hindi naman kamahal-mahal. Siguro likas na sa atin na mas mapansin ang mga bagay na nakakapanakit. Naaalala pa ba natin kahit isang beses man lang sa isang araw ang hangin?
Katulad din ng tao, nagmamahal din ang hangin. Ang bawat paghalik nito sa ating pisngi ang nagbibigay hudyat na nangungulila ito ng pansin– nangungulila ng pagpapahalaga na matagal ng kinalimutan ng tao. Ang pagsayaw nito sa pagitan ng mga damo at iba pang halaman ang nagpapakita ng saya na nadarama nya. Pero ngayon, tila napalitan na iyon ng kalungkutan at galit. Napalitan ang galak ng galit, kung kaya’t ang pagaspas lang dati ay isang malakas na hampas na ngayon sa katauhan ng bagyo at buhawi. Wala na nga sigurong pagmamahal ang nadarama ng hangin. Ito siguro ang dahilan kung bakit ang dating rason kung bakit tayo humihinga pa ay isa na rin sa dahilan kung bakit karamihan sa atin ay naghihingalo na.
Panipis na ng panipis ang hangin. Marumi na rin ito. Alam ko at alam ko ring alam nyo rin ito. Kagagawan ng tao ang bagay na ito, pero minsan naisip ko na siguro ito rin ang paraan ng hangin para maghiganti– para maipakitang kailangan din nya ng pansin, para ipakitang kaya rin nyang makapanakit dahil masakit sa pakiramdam na hindi na pinapahalagahan ang halaga nya.
Sa tingin ko, maihahalintulad ang pagmamahal ng hangin sa pagmamahal ng isang taong may lihim na pagtingin sa isang tao. Oo.Masasabi kong matamis magmahal ang hangin dahil sa una ang tanging rason lang ng kanyang pananatili sa mundo ay para mabuhay tayo– tayong mga tao.

Mamahalin ka nya kahit pa hindi mo maalala na nandyan sya o ni hindi mo alam na mahal ka nya.
Mamahalin ka nya kahit wala kapalit.

Nandyan sya dahil kailangan mo sya. Nandyan sya kahit hindi mo sya nakikita.
Ngunit dumating na sa puntong napabayaan mo yung bagay na minamahal ng hangin– ikaw.Napunta na sa puntong napabayaan mo ang sarili mo at ang paligid mo, kaya ang resulta, pati ang hangin nadamay na rin. Hindi ba’t nakakalungkot ding isipin na ang isang nagmamahal ng palihim ay nasasaktan din ng palihim?
Sirang-sira na sya. Habang palalang-palala ang sakit na dinulot mo sa kanya, pati ikaw palalang-pala na rin. Kahit pa malaman mo ang kalagayan nya, tila huling-huli ka na. Tila ba wala ng pag-asa para maibsan manlang ang sakit na dinulot natin sa hangin dahil sa dulo ng lahat ng ito, parang hindi mo pa rin sya kayang mahalin.
*excerpts from Umigib ng Pag-ibig (Journal) 2016

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Dear Momster

This is actually dedicated to my cousin. Well, I kinda know her story (her family’s conflicts and the like). I decided to write this for her.

In here, you’ll see what a child raised in a broken and complicated family really feels deep deep deep down inside (well, basing from her rants and expressions)

Dear Mommy,

It’s been a long time since you left. Honestly, I don’t recall anymore how I felt when you took your leave. I was too young to remember it. You left the country because you had some issues here, and the fact that daddy had an affair with another woman and got her pregnant adds up to your reasons.

I grew up within my grandparents’ care. I am with my younger sibling. I don’t know if you know this but I miss you a lot mom. I miss it when you come home with that pizza box in your hand. I miss it when you hug me at night whenever I am having a nightmare. I miss your touch mommy. I miss you a lot.

But then the fact that we didn’t have much time to create more memories worsen my misery. I feel empty.

Daddy usually visits us and gives us money, but not for long. Not too long. I guess some people chooses to be selfish rather than their vowed responsibilities. Mind if I tell you that grandpa gets mad every time he sees him. Well, who wouldn’t, right?

Mom, I hate to say this coz I think it’ll upset you,  but I love daddy as much as I love you. And I miss him. I still have our memories together. My sister might not have one because she was too young when this so-called family became an ash.

To be honest, I envy her. I wish I didn’t have any memories of us together. I wish I wouldn’t have to hold on to that.

Years passed and you still didn’t have the courage to come home. Well, I can talk to you through international call, and I can see you through Skype. But mom, frankly speaking, it’s utterly not enough. Totally not.

Where are you when I was a part of the top students? Where are you when I was about to receive that fake-gold plated medal? Where are you when my aunt had to attend that in your behalf? Where are you and daddy when I wanted to show you that I’v been a good child?

As time passes, I learned to accept this ill-fated life that we have. That’s the only thing that I can do, I guess? Accept. And accept.

I had come to the conclusion that we won’t be just like before, that’s why I learned to envy the other kids. Yes. You fill us with gadgets, bags and things that any child would love to have. But you can never fill that part in us which longs for motherly love.

I love you mom! I do. But I hate you whenever you call and I can’t answer immediately. That’s not the point anyway. The thing is, you get mad easily at us. You even curse at us. Truthfully, that hurts me a lot.

You call us names and trash words… at one point, I have realized the one reason why dad left you-us. He despised your attitude mom. He did. Well, I am not saying that he’s right to cheat on you nor am taking his side. No. I am just saying that it wouldn’t have been easier to fix this if you fixed you first.

Nowadays, whenever you contact us, I wish you didn’t or I wish I just didn’t took that call. I am sick of it mom. All your rants about your mistakes that you never did regret (in the first place); about your enemies (that were never enemies); about your problems (that you created). I am sick of it mom.

I am not wishing that you just don’t call or message us. I just wish that you could be better when talking to us. I just wish that your learn to keep your promises to us. I just hope that you learn to thank the people who show concern and love to you- to us.

You are arguing with grandpa and grandma about money, about our future and about the your problems that you made them carry as well. It hurts whenever you talk to them harshly. I love them. I wish you didn’t have to show disrespect and distrust to your parents. They love you mom. They love you a lot that they accepted to raise us even if they shouldn’t in the first place.

You even create fights with our aunt (your own dear sister!). I don’t understand. All she did was help you by helping us. As a younger sister, she did her best to support you- to cover up for you. But when she did a small thing that didn’t please you, you argue with her as if she didn’t do anything good to you. I respect my aunt, mom. She stood up us second mother. She loves us even if she already had a son to love herself.

Even if you’re hurting her verbally, she didn’t vent her anger to us. I wish you were like that.

You see mom? There’s a lot of things that I’ve learned and realized while growing up. I am afraid I am learning to hate you as well. I hope I won’t.

Mommy, I hope that we could be together again. I do hope as well that you show us your love and concern like a real mom- no curses, no trash words. Is it hard to fulfill?

Toys and gadgets can never replace love in this world Mom. Always remember that.

Please stop acting like a momster. I love you.




Sorry for the incorrect grammar and the like. Haha. Still not good in words huh?

I am a young blogger anyway, so.. Ciao~

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A Letter To Daddy

Dear God,

I’ve heard that almost every one celebrate father’s day. But then, among all the people who feel giddy about it, I feel different. How could I? How would I thank someone who stopped his role as my father in a long time? How would I greet him when I he already left in the long run of this twisted plot of our lives?

Papa God, I still couldn’t  see him as that respectable man, just like before. It’s hard to give it to someone when he doesn’t even deserve it in the first place. Am I bad?

I must forgive right? I did. I think I did… didn’t I? I just can’t forget the drastic turn of events cause by him.

Does he feel bad? Does he even care if I don’t acknowledge him as my dad? But You are my Father, and You deserve love and praise more than any one in this world.

Remember when I first took my first breath and You heard my very first heartbeat? Well, I don’t remember. But my Life Coaches have told me that You already loved me even before I was born. Do You know how overwhelming and fluttering that is? Great God, thank You for loving me even if I couldn’t even love myself (sometimes).

I am in pain. But I still acknowledge the fact that I am mean.

God, do You recall when I made my mother cry because I said the mean things to her? I hurt her really bad. I made her really upset.

When my sister and I fight, I know that You are watching. I know as well that it doesn’t please You. I am sorry God.

As a kid, I spent those early years as a happy child… because I had my dad, my mom and my sister… and a bunch of ice creams and fried chickens. Haha. But then, You let me experience the madness and hatred in this world God. You made me see the truth behind those lies that I believe in. You made me closer to You.

If the replacement of my dad’s sudden leave from our life is a deepen relationship with You, then I don’t regret anything. I don’t regret him leaving or him hurting us. Because I was able to meet You, be with You and be loved by You. It’s more precious than that of my dad’s love.

Through out the years, I know that You guided me. You gave me an assurance that You won’t forsake me. Even though I take a wrong path, at some point, You still believe in me and direct to the right road.

God, my heavenly Father, You deserve my love more than anyone. I love You! And I am sorry, that as Your child, I most of the time commit mistakes and want to quit. I deeply apologize.


Thank You, dear God, for loving me. I couldn’t even fathom that love– love that is so great.


I love you! Happy Father’s day.


loving You forever,

Your Princess



What makes it harder is to believe into something that could never even exist. I wish it is. I wish it will. But it won’t. Justice won’t prevail.

That game was dirty. it wasn’t even fair. Referees been paid.

It breaks my heart to witness such tragedy.


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Featuring Her

One shot… based on the best-selling alibi! Hahaha. Charr guys!
True story or not? You decide.

Title: Closure or Comeback?

I am a grown up lady now. Or so I thought. I just barely started my college life. Well, I can say that it was fun. Diary, it was fun!

Haha! Who am I fooling? Actually, it was a living hell compared to high school. It was good that first semester is already over. It’s a new year. Kaso bagong taon, may tao namang namemeste sa mood ko. (It’s a new year yet someone’s pestering my mood.)

I was single for 2 years, Diary. Two effin’ years! But then you know about this story, right? Of course you do. I wrote it.

Now, he’s back. Oh well! Let’s have a recap.

Back in high school, I met this guy through a friend of mine. We became buddies… he courted me for six months… gave me flowers… send me sweet notes and songs. I prolonged his suffering. Well, I never had a boyfriend before, so practically, hindi ko alam kung paano maging girlfriend (I don’t how to act like a real girlfriend). I thought that time that I wasn’t a girlfriend material (I am a hopeless romantic, but I’m not sweet). And to be honest, I wasn’t still over with my one-sided crush/love with my first love. Childish noh? ( isn’t it?)

Well, going back, I told him I wasn’t still ready to be in a relationship and I’d like add as a reason about family issues to that. I am afraid of the heartbreak as well. I read a lot of stories and watched movies. (I am quiet a fan!)

The funny things was, I decided to try. I sorted things out and found out that I do like him… I wasn’t just sure if I love him. Well, if I was being played, it’s better not to put my guard down, right?

So on Christmas eve, I accepted him. I wasn’t at all joyful about the sudden change. But then I felt a pang of guilt so I tried to make it work. But he was the one who didn’t try.

Let’s say that we didn’t really like each other. Up until now hindi ko alam bakit naging kami. (I still wonder why we became a couple.)

Two weeks or so later, I got sick of it– of that overrated game of teen love. I decided to end it earlier. They say, the earlier the better. Kaso sya pala yung tatapos. (I didn’t expect that he’s ending it first.)

I was dumped. Ah! Scratch that. Iniwan lang pala ako sa ere. (He left me hanging.) Basically, walang break up, walang closure. Bigla na lang syang hindi nagparamdam. (There wasn’t any break up, no closure either. He just disappeared.) I can’t reach his phone and he wasn’t replying to my messages in Facebook.

I was dumbfounded, like what the hell? I felt like I was played even though I was one of the player. Tsk! Then I realized, I did loved him. Iniyakan ko sya eh. Nag-emo ako dahil sa kanya. (I cried becuase of him. I became like an emo.) I was fooling myself then. Indenial lang ako. Kung kelan nya ako iniwan, dun ko mararamdaman. (I was just indenial. When he already left me, that’s when I realized my true feelings.)

Days passed, months passed and I tried to get over with my first failed relationship. I concluded that he didn’t have an interest in me in the first place. Jerk!

I graduated in high school and entered a different school. Ayokong makita sya sa iisang University. (I didn’t want to meet him in the same University.) It’s not that I still love him, hindi ko lang alam kung anong ire-react kapag nagkita kami. (I just didn’t know what to react when I see him.)

Then one day, while I was peacefully checking my wall, he messaged me a “hi”. Woah! Parang walang nangyari, right? Kapal. (It’s like nothing happened between us. Thickfaced!)

Testing him, I replied. The exchange of words became a convo. Kinamusta nya ako… same rin sakin… hanggang sa napunta sa past. (We said our greetings, untill it landed about our past.)

Sabi nya kung pwede bang maging kami ulit. Sabi ko naman, “nag-break ba tayo?… ah! Right! Silent break up pala ano? Kakaiba tayo eh. You went AWOL tapos ako na lang bahalang mag-decode nung nangyari as hey ayoko na. Break na tayo.” I realized that I’ve grown to hate him for real.

(He asked me to reconcile. I asked him, “did we broke up. Ah! Right! It was a silent break up! We’re different huh. You went AWOL and then I’ll be the one who’ll decode what happened as, hey! I’m done. Let’s break.”)

He apologized. Sabi nya nahihiya daw sya sakin. Natatakot syang kausapin ako. Nasira yung phone nya, di nya ako nakontak… mga ganung nonsensical na rason ng isang jerk.

(He said that he’s ashamed to face me. He’s afraid to talk to me. His phone was broken that’s why I couldn’t contact him… err, the usual alibis from a certified jerk.)

I wasn’t stupid to buy his lies. Hell, why would I!?

Sabi nya mahal pa daw nya ako at hind(i sya nagkaroon ng girlfriend since we “silently broke up” (note: add sarcasm in there). Sinong niloko nya?

(he said he didn’t have any gilfriend after me and that he still loves me. Who was he fooling?)

Sinong magmamahal pa rin ng isang taong ni-hindi nya nakasama o kinausap sa loob ng dalawang taon?
Sinong maniniwala na wala syang naging girlfriend after me kung cover photo nya nga months after he disappeared eh babae? (okay, I stalked him.)

Ako pa ba? Ako pa bang niloko nya?

Fooling me once is enough to learn a lesson.

Makikipag-balikan sya na parang walang nangyari? Ano sya? Loka-loka?

Sabihin mo Diary? Nag-iisip ba sya.

Hindi lahat ng nagmamahal, nagtatagal. (Not everyone who love lasts long.)

That’s what I told him. I hate him to death kasi liar sya. But it won’t do me any good. Bahala sya sa buhay nya.

Hindi ko na nireply’an yung ibang senseless na message nya. Actually, nakakaumay syang kausap. Paulit-ulit na lang. Parang sirang plaka. Nakakainis.

Hanggang salita lang naman sya.

Funny. A week after that nakita ko na lang sa isang status nya na in a relationship sya.

Wahaha! Jerk talaga, kala nya ikina-gwapo nya yun.

Diary, I am happy because once and for all, I didn’t let him fool me. Utot nya!

Love always,

It’s utterly looooong, but I hope you finished it ’till the end lovelies! Lovelots!