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Cupid’s Target


Yes. Love seems to be killing me.

I was too naive to believe to those fantasy stories we usually hear before going to sleep. I was too innocent to think that I can be a princess, a queen or even a damsel in distress.
Rarely in our life do we realize the reality and more often than not, we rely on illusions.

Love might be some kind of magical spell that conspires anyone to be under its spell. Maybe, the weak ones fall for it so easily.

But I believed that I’m not weak. I believed I’m better. Truthfully, I cannot afford to accept defeat.
I’m not sure if it was my pride or I was just afraid.
Yes. I do love the idea of love but I didn’t like the idea of falling.
Thus, when I found myself under the spell, I realized how weak I was. I realized how powerful love is that it can make someone sane enough go insane. I was almost there.
I felt the slow piercing of arrow on my chest. It went deeper into my skin as it hurt more. Everything around me became nothing but a blur. I was slowly devoured by that pain. It went slowly as if prolonging my agony. I wish I’d go numb.
It surprises me how good Cupid is when it comes to this job. He shoots arrow really well that he doesn’t even think twice who to shoot and when to shoot. I was still under that poisonous spell and I don’t think I’ll be able to break it.
I was trying to contain the agonizing pain, wishing it’ll end. If I’d have a chance next time, I will make sure that Cupid will miss shooting my heart.

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Magical World

Future. I wish I can face that with him. Until now, I still suffer the pain that he had left.

I had so many dreams, and he was a part of that countless dreams that I created. I was so absorbed by that magical feeling that I’ve felt when he told me that he will never leave… that he will forever stay. He built a home for me, and assured that it will never break apart. I believed in that promise.

He was one of the most important person in my life. And I couldn’t imagine living without him. I wasn’t afraid of facing this fallen world because I knew that I was safe when I was with him. He promised that I will never get hurt. I was so happy. But I never thought that life would be so cruel, because at the middle of my magical world, the magic vanished. Like any other stories that was told, I had a tragic one.

“He took my happiness with him and left me sadness instead.”

He broke his promise. I wished that he never did. The home that he built is still standing, but he closed that door and walked away. I never expected that to happen. And I certainly never wanted it. When he left, I cried. But then one night, I woke up and asked myself, “Does he even care if I cry an ocean of tears?” He said that I will never get hurt. But he was the one who hurt me first. He left me! For what? For selfish reasons. I can never understand him. I don’t recognize him anymore. But I do miss him a lot. Our memories, the happy ones, they still wander in my mind. I loathe him, though.

I wish that I’ll learn how to move on and make my life better. So I can make him realize what he had lost when he left.♥