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Frankly speaking, I hate perfectionists! They act as if they never commit mistakes. They are the kind of people who notice mistakes  rather than improvements. They’re one of the reason why only few fellows know that they are fine… that mistakes are just part of life. They degrade other people. I don’t understand why people do such things. They are so cruel to force somebody to become perfect. Things happen for a reason. There are mistakes and downfalls because there’s a reason why they have to encounter them. They need to learn.

Their way to thinking is WAY too critical that their brains begin to coil. They don’t seem to be happy at all. They always frown because no one can meet their standards…high standards. Why? Are they perfect? They are just perfectionists… not perfect humans. They aren’t happy. Why do they need to witness perfect things if they can’t make them happy?

“I think imperfections leads to happiness…like loving his flaws or accepting defeat and trying again.”

Imperfections are mere examples of things that people commit in order to find happiness. When someone is perfect (but I know no one is), then he didn’t do anything to become happy. His life is useless.

We are not perfect, nor nearly perfect. Dude! There’s no such thing!