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Tik ,Tok, Tik!

Have you ever wondered if you already met your soul mate or destiny? Or do you even believe in these kind of stuffs?

Destiny. Soul mate. True love. Happy ending. FOREVER.

Trust. I always believe in true love. Trusting that it will lead my story into a happier ending. I am too young to understand the simple things in life, and I always rely on other’s story-believing that I can have that kind of story, too. But then, the reality of life is really cruel. Everyone’s story is unique. So I can never steal other’s happy ending.

Oh! I just hope that I can have one. I wish I could watch Romantic movies all day. Imagining that I am the main character. But at the tail end of every story, I woke up and realized that it was just an illusion after all. It is not that bad, right?… to wish for a happy ending? We know that time’s running and that we don’t have much time to wait for THE ONE.

For quite sometime, I learned so many things about life that I will forever keep in my mind. I once read that people are bound to fall in love and then fall. Literally, fall. Downfall. We have the right to love and we also have the right to be in pain. Every one’s end is still a mystery, and all we have to do is make the most out of it! Enjoy it.

We love adventures, right? Then we can grab that opportunity to search and take that one damn shot in a lifetime.

So, how about you? What will you do? Wait?…

“Every hour that we use to wait for our ONE DAMN SHOT is an hour that we waste to look for him.”

Time is running, so we better stop relying on movies and start writing our own!