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Unhooked Bra


Unhooking my bra
Got me reminded of
How you walked out
Of my little world

You drifted away
Without even looking
Back at me or
Back at the past

We’ve created together
Unhooking us
Just to be able to
Breathe from me

And from this
Tight rope of promise
We used to call us
It was like

A hook in a bra
Two small pieces
Of rusting metal
Trying to hold

On to each other
Parted ways in the end
And you, the one
I’d thought would

Keep it strong and firm
Was the first one
Who cut ties with me
As if aggresively

Pulling off the only
Support we’d ever have
And i, then one
Who was left behind

Keeps going back to
The past happiness
While passing by
The sadness

Seemingly these
Marks created
By the bond we once
Had, had stayed at

The mid part of my back
Right on the gentle skin
As if marking the place
We once called ours

Ours that as hours
Pass by our lives
The once moments
Drifted away, faded

Like an old mark
So every time i get
To dress up for
A new day’s task

I got to be reminded
First hand of you
To how we’ve parted
And still, i, like

An old habit
Choose to
Look back to
Anything that’s left

As if choosing to
Wear the same
Old and worn out bra
Each time i connect

The two tiny metals
Of my overused bra
I’d silently wish
That closing the gap

Will also mean
Closing the possibility
That we won’t be
Together again.




writer | blogger | reader | staffer | lover | eater | worshiper Shayeness is a 19-year-old gal born in the year 1998. She's from the Philippines and a pure Filipina. Currently, she's studying at a university where in she takes BS in Development Communication and is in her third year in college. Shayeness writes poems, stories, essays and even songs. She's in love with words. She blogs her works here (wordpress) and in tumblr. Aside from writing, she also loves reading, given that this is where she started having the heart to write. She's also a campus journalist and working at their university's official publication as the feature editor. Aside from writing she's a lover of a lot of things as well, especially cupcakes and cute things. She loves eating a lot but hates junk foods. She's a Christian and she serves God through the worship ministry where in she plays the keyboard (piano). Her personal dream is to someday publish a novel or a book of poem at least once in her life but also pursue her plans (well she doesn't have any yet). She's still thinking if she'd be a disc jockey, a journalist, a layout artist, a reporter, a director or an office-mate. Her chosen course has a lot to offer. It's hard to choose. The important thing is, she plans to have a job.

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