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I Can See Elsewhere

I suddenly wanted to write a poem, so here is it. This is for young people who have their own big dreams! Keep on believeing!

Thank you for reading!



Someone told me, I have nowhere to go

Then I can’t stop my tears to flow

I have dreams that lead to nowhere

Then, why do other kids have “elsewhere”?


Walls that were created to stop me

Dreams that were bound for them only

I am envious of that excellent award

I can’t face them and tell, “so what?”


I don’t think I deserve this

I want them to hear me, please

I beg for understanding and attention

I am seeing “elsewhere” as my conclusion


I have been keeping this pain

I had to stay low and plain

Deep inside, I want to yell

“I don’t want to be like this and be in hell.”


I want to believe that after a rain

There’s a rainbow and gold for me to gain

I had hope that there’s a brighter future

Than the present that looks like feature


Would someone tell me there’s a hope?

That life is just like a slope

There’s higher and lower part

And then the best part.


I don’t want to follow someone’s dream

Mine’s different from him

I don’t want to be controlled by any humans

I want to do it with my bare hands


I am sick of the pessimists

Adults are such bad artists

They don’t get me, so do I

Can they just stop telling me a lie?


I have a future

This is just a torture

A test to be passed,

Then a good conclusion, at last!



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