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Few Hours Before the End

Bago magtapos ang taong ito, nakatagpo ako ng ilang kwento. I didn’t hear it, but I saw it. Hindi ko alam yung buong kwento, pero yung summary, Oo.

May isang family na last minute na nung na-isipang mag-handa para sa New year. Bibili na lang ng isang supot ng bread at margarine para sa palaman. Idagdag pa yung 1/4 kilo lang ng pasta na corned beef lang ang sahog.

Along that scene is the noise children creates using their improvised turbo bombs. At the background of that deafening noise is an old lady waiting for no one in particular. Sabi nya may hinihintay sya, but I doubt that.

For hours, nakaupo lang sya sa harap ng isang shop. Hindi sya mukhang beggar. But she looked old. I also overheard that she have a family, or I just heard it wrong.

I have this urge to give her some food which is yung handa namin for New Year. Hindi ako nice. But I know I have a heart.

Well, aside from that part, may isang nuclear family naman na sa hospital na ice-celebrate ang New year. For the reason na biglang nagkasakit ang 10 month old na baby nila. They are currently on their way to the hospital. I just pray ang hope na magiging okay ang baby nila. God bless them.

Another is this ordinary yet happy family. Extended ang family nila. May handa sila, hindi bongga, pero okay na. Pabalik-balik nga yung isang anak sa tindahan para bumili ng mga condiments and ingredients. He’s my friend, too. So, basically, kilala ko talaga sya.

Enough of that. Let’s move to another scene.

There’s a circle of friends or classmates, I guess? They bought alcoholic drinks at pulutan. Base from what I saw, hindi alam ng mga magulang nila na umiinom sila… at naninigarilyo. I can say that it is the way they welcome the “new year”– rebellious.

Well, I don’t care about that. I know it’s wrong, but it is their life that they choose to manage. I just hope that they choose the right choices.

My story? Well, it’s nothing special. Perhaps, I can state it as just plain ordinary.

We cooked “handa”: spaghetti(my favorite!), pancit, macaroni salad, buko sala, graham balls, barbeque… at hindi ko na alam kung meron pa. And oh! May fruits pa pala. You know the tradition? 12 or so kind of fruits every new year? Tradition na kasi yun eh.

An hour starting at this very moment, mag-iingayan ang bawat bahay. Liliwanag ang natutulog na langit at iingay. Kasi sa point na yung… dumating na si 2016!


Sana, sa susunod na taon, magbago naman yung unfortunate deals na nangyari sa mga taong ito. Sana, even if it seems unusual, kahit isang oras o araw lang sa isang taon, maging bloomy sila imbes na gloomy.

Right now, I want to be jolly and party! Yeah boy!


Happy New Year to everyone! I’m happy and proud to be loved by God.

Thank You Jesus for everything, good or bad, that had happen during this year. I am looking forward for the years to come.


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Dearest 2015

Naalala mo pa? Nung winelcome kita, ang saya ko di ba?

Salamat nung January ha? Dahil sa’yo nabusog ako ng bongga!

May handa kasi ning new year, tapos may trade fair pa! Miss ko na nga yun eh.

Nung February, wala akong ka-date nung Valentines pero masaya pa rin kasi kasama ko ang barkada ko. Last year ko na sa high school eh, kaya sulitin na, dibadibs?

Muntik na ring walang Prom, pero thanked God! Natuloy pa rin sya!

Well, honestly, hindi ko na-trip-an yung dress ko, pero ayos na rin! Di na masama!

March, palapit na ang graduation day. Busy kaming lahat… busy-busyhan. Hahaha.

Practice para Senior’s day at Commencement exercises.

Alam mo bang may tatlo akong medal? Isa ka sa mga naka-witness ng araw na yun.

Graduation Day… late yung bestfriend ko. Hindi nga ako sure kung naka-march sya. Oo ata?

Well, medyo boring, alam mo naman kapag graduation, maraming kaek-ekan. Bssh!

Pagkatapos nun, diretdo kami sa bahay ng bestfriend ko… lamon na!!!

Sarap talagang magluto ng tito nya! Yeeeeiiii!

Miss ko na sila! Miss ko na yung house nila. Haist!

Syempre, balik pa rin kami sa school kasi may aasikasuhin pang clearance, after nun! Bwalah! Bye bye high school na!

Pasado naman ako sa dalawang University na kinuhanan ko ng entrance test, kaso pinili ko yung CL.

Days passed, eto na nga. Pumunta na ako sa lugar na ‘to.

Nabago school year calendar.

Dahil August na ang simula ng classes, apat na buwan ang bakasyon. Alam mo ba kung gaano ka-boring yun? Geez! Syempre hindi mo alam.


Well, masaya naman palang mag-college. Nakaka-stress nga lang talaga. I met new friends. Sampu sila actually. They are all awesome and pretty!

Yun nga! First kong mag-term exam. Nagsabayan, nag-fieldtrip. Projects, exams, quizzes and the like.

Pero ganun talaga. Binagyo na’t lahat, tuloy pa rin ang buhay.

Eto, Christmas break-slash-sembreak.

Tapos na nga yung Christmas eh at eto, last day mo na.

Anong feeling? Bukas papalitan ka na ni 2016. Mala Miss Universe ka rin eh. Isang taong ka lang sa trono.

Salamat sa lahat ha? Marami-rami rin akong memories sa’yo. Ingat ka kung saan ka man makakarating.

Tsaka, pakisabi na rin kay 2016, ayusin nya yung trabaho nya para naman maalala sya ng lahat. Yun lang!

Goodbye 2015, hello 2016!!!

“It’s goodbye to some things. And hello to others.”

David Levithan, Every Day

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Damned Too

Alam mo yung pinaka ayaw ko sa lahat? (Do you know what I hate the most?)

Yung titigan ka nila na parang wala kang nagawa… parang wala lang.

(It’s the way they look at you as if you didn’t do anything… like nothing.)


Do you know how frustrating that is? Nakakaloka! (It makes me crazy!)

Even if I exert effort to improve myself, they won’t appreciate it. It will never be enough. Aish! I hate it! I totally hate it!

When will we be able to accept that things change. We’re able to chnage. Can’t she just forget about my past bad attitude? I’m trying! Pathetically trying, hoping that she’ll notice it.

Ako ba talaga yung mali? O sya? (Am I really the one who is at fault? Or it’s her?)

Even if I try to understand the situation, I still can’t understand it!!! Why is it like this? Why?

Tss. Whatever.

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i change it

This is my first time writing a Mystery story.
Well, honestly speaking, the original plot wasn’t my idea. I was just told to write it in words. I enjoyed writing it, anyway. It is also my first time writing an English story (pure English at that!).
I give the credits for the plot to one of my roommates who is a year older than me (Ate Kaye! Hi, hi!)



I have a power. 

I possess a power that only chosen people have. I’m not aware who they are, though. I am not sure if they do exist.

I can see visions. I can predict the future. I know. This sounds weird because cases like this are seen in movies and are written in books, but this exists. I exist.

I am not certain if this is a gift or a curse. Well, it helps me see things clearly. So that doesn’t look bad, right? Here’s the real deal. I get information, good and bad. I am given the chance to prepare myself when something is unlikely to happen. I take that as a gift. You might assume that I am enjoying it, but I really don’t. I cannot feel excitement anymore when there’s a big surprise because I have known about it even before it could happen. I really hate that. I wish I could make it stop. I want to be normal like the other kids, but even if I pray every night to make it go away, it won’t be. So, I just let it pass.

I don’t change the future. I just watch it happen. I chose it to be that way. I believe that if it stayed like that, I become normal and less weird. Today’s an exception, though.

I had this vision again, which I didn’t vividly understand. I have this bad and heavy feeling. I want to forget it, but I know that once I saw something, it will stay there until it will happen. Now, I chose to change it. I don’t want to be indifferent.

“Aren’t you coming, darling? Andy is here.” I heard my mom’s voice from the kitchen.

“Coming!” I answered. I looked at myself in front of the mirror. I fixed my hair and my uniform. I smiled. “Not bad.” I whispered. I grabbed my bag and went down stairs immediately.

I hurriedly walked towards the kitchen and snatched a sandwich. “You’re not going to have breakfast again?” My mom asked.

“I am currently having breakfast, mom.” I retorted.

“Is that what you call breakfast, darling? You’re losing weight!” she exclaimed. My mom is a sweet person. I know that.

“Then that’s good news.” I said. “Besides we’re already late.” I added.

“But darling…” I kissed her on the cheek.

“Bye mom. See you later.” I opened the door and walked outside.

“So, I can probably blame you now, right? We’re late again.” My best friend shoved at my face the moment she saw me.

“Andy, come on! Don’t be too mean. We still have ten minutes.” I reasoned out.

“Ten minutes? Our drive to school takes fifteen minutes, Elle! For Pete’s sake, grow up!” She said frustrated.

“Just shut up, okay? Let’s go.” I dragged her.

“You’re hurting me.” She whined.

“I’m sorry. The bus is waiting. We need to hurry.” I said.

“Okay, okay.” She retorted.

We ran towards the bus. We were catching our breaths when we took our seats.

“That was really tiring.” I exclaimed.

“Don’t mention it.”

Andy is my best friend since third grade. She’s my better girl half. I am an only child, so I guess I have the right to proclaim it. I truly treasure her. We may look like sworn enemies but we’re not. Let’s just say that it’s the way we show our undying love and care for each other. Whoever goes against that, I’ll smack him on the face.

We reached school fifteen minutes later. It’s good because I know that our teacher will be late, too. Andy had the chance to fix her own self and apply make-up, while I just waited for her. I am not fond of decorating myself, anyway. I am just that typical high school girl who doesn’t have any care about fashion and the like. My best friend is the entire opposite of me. Andy is a good person. She’s just a nagger sometimes, but I already accepted her flaws. Well, all of us are flawed, anyway. So I don’t have any reason to judge her any further.

“Didn’t you’re mom cooked for you?” Andy asked.

“She did, but I had to skip breakfast again.” I answered while I chew my food.

“I told you. You need to grow up, Elle.” I just rolled my eyes.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” I asked her.

“Nope, I’m not hungry. Besides, I’m busy.” She replied. Her attention is still focused on her phone.

Andy loves key chains. Her bag has key chains on it, and her phone, too. She bought a pink small bear keychain for her phone.

Something hit me, not physically, but mentally. That reminds me of my vision. No! It can’t be. This is not right.

“Are you okay, Elle?” Andy snapped. I looked at her. The bell suddenly rang.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” I said then started walking.

I have been seeing bad things, but I let it slide. I saw accidents, deaths and the like, but I didn’t do anything to change them because I didn’t know the people in that vision. I was only praying that it won’t happen for real, but it actually did. The news confirms it. It was already too late for me to change a thing.

Well, I know that it is not my business. Besides what can a mere teenager do to stop the future, or barely change it? I cannot, but I want to. I badly want to change it now.

This morning, I saw this scene about a girl riding on a bus. The driver drove too fast that the bus crashed with a truck. It was a strong impact that it caused the bus to flip over. Then I saw a girl lying on the road bathing with her own blood, lifeless. She’s wearing her high school uniform. I only saw her holding a phone because a lot of people surround her. I noticed that the phone she’s holding is familiar.

“Elle! What’s taking you so long?” I heard Andy calling for me.

“I am almost done!” I replied. I went outside the washroom.

“My gosh, Elle. You really move like a turtle.” She said.

“Well, I’m sorry.” I apologized. I looked at Andy. They have the same uniform. I want to brush it off and think that it’s just a nightmare. In the back of my mind, I know that it is not.

We walked towards the bus stop. I really don’t like this bad feeling. I need to do something.

“Tie your shoelace, Andy.” I told her.

“Oh! Yeah. I got this.” She exclaimed.

“Hold this, please.” She handed to me her pouch and tied her shoelace.

“Oh no! I forgot my file case, Andy.” I said trying to look worried.

“Then let’s get it.” She suggested.

“But my mom told me to hurry. Well, I’ll just get it tomorrow.” I know Andy is a nice friend.

“No, we have a report tomorrow and you need to review the content. I’ll just go back and get it.” She volunteered.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Besides, what are friends are for, right?” she said.

“Oh! Thank you so much!” I hugged her.

“Geez! You’re so emotional. Go home now! You’re mom’s waiting.” I saw the bus arrived.

“Go.” Andy beckons me to go inside the bus.

“Take care, alright?” I told her.

She nodded. “I’ll give you your file case later.” She said.

“Okay.” She waved at me and started walking towards the directions of the school. The heavy feeling that I was feeling is still there as I watched her walk away. I believe that it’ll vanish later on.

I took the seat near the door. Thanked God I saved her. I sighed.

I noticed that the bus is not full. The drive is fast, too. I think I’ll arrive at home early. Well, the truth is, I just made up that excuse about my mom, but I really did forget my file case. So, I know that Andy’s efforts wouldn’t be put to waste.

I noticed that there are only few people who are in this bus, most of them are students. I remembered that vision again. I was certain that it could be Andy, but I stopped it. I know that I stopped it. I change the future. I changed now. It can’t be that the other people here will be the victim. The girl’s uniform was the same with ours. I suddenly looked at the small mirror placed just above the windshield. I saw my reflection through it. I am wearing my uniform. It hit me. This can’t be! I was startled when a phone rang. No! It’s not my phone. The ringtone is different. I searched for the phone and found Andy’s pouch. I opened it and found her phone there.

I answered the call.

“Hello? Elle! I forgot to get my pouch from you. My wallet is there and I don’t have any money…”

I really didn’t listen to what she’s saying. My heart is beating really fast enough for me to hear it. I can hear Andy. But I barely listen to her. I can’t accept this.

I suddenly heard a deafening beep, then a strong and loud crash. I saw a bright light and then darkness.

It was me.