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Beep beep boop

I stare closely at the ceiling. I see blankness. I see purity. The white shade makes it look unhappy. It looks dull, but I don’t know why still keep on looking at it most of the times when we’re tired.

I try to think of something to talk about. As I click every letter, I compose the random thoughts that are popping out of my mind. I want to say here all of the things that confuse me, all of the things that make me upset, and all of the things make me happy. But whenever I have that chance to voice it out right here, I become lost in words. I forgot the things that I should say. I should write something, but what?

Ah! Now, I remember it. At last! I had a chance to converse with my “best friend”. I am utterly happy!!! Yey! Well, I need to go for a while to run some errands.

That… I leave a NICE NOTE. (I just finished reading Every Day by David Levithan and I can’t help but be attached to it.)

“Treasure the memories. Treasure your friends.”



A Christian. A Filipino. Cupcake mania. A simple person. Writer. Blogger. K-fangirl. "Psalm 63:3"

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