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Ugh. I finished writing a story already, but I am not sure if I’m going to post it. Geez.

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That Thing Called LOVE

WoW! You are really right!

Shadow's Journey

Can you imagine life without Love??

Well, I myself cannot even define what LIFE is without it.

Let me share to you my personal insights on what that thing called LOVE is.

This is the very foundation of our faith., whatever religion we may have.
To love Him, have faith in Him, thank Him and trust in Him.
Feeling bombarded with problems? Feel His presence. Fee His love.
There may be circumstances in our life that’s beyond our control. Don’t panic. He is there.
The fact that He allows us wake up each day is a sure proof of His control in everything and He knows what is best for us.

We cannot give love to others unless we fill our own love tank first.
How full is it? Half? Empty?
The way we wanted others to treat us is how we treated ourselves.

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There’d be instances when I don’t know how to make every second count. I waste it. Stupid, eh? We tell every time that time is short… life is short. But sometimes the things we utter are different from the things we do. I hate myself for that.

No. I didn’t lose my life… but I lost my chance. I cannot put back time. We cannot undo it. So, what shall I do? I don’t want to repeat the same mistake again.

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Journal: Entry No. 2


I don’t want his life to become miserable. Mali ba yun? If he’s not happy, then walang kwenta din yung sakit na nararamdaman namin. If he’s not happy, then letting him go wasn’t worth it. I’d would rather hate him than have a pity on him. Pero kanina, ni hindi ko magawang yakapin sya. Naisip ko na kapag ginawa ko yun, magmumukha akong mahina. I don’t want to become weak. I won’t cry anymore. I missed him a lot. Even if I saw him a while ago, I still miss him. I tried to familiarize his face, pero parang hindi ko pa rin sya makilala. Hindi ko na sya kilala. BUT! I love him. Even though he committed a mistake and partly ruined our lives, I still love him. And I cannot stop myself from feeling that way. I do hope that things will become okay in the near future.

with so much love,


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The Day After I die

I can see the world where humans dwell
Black magic is everywhere
I can hear the heavy rain pouring
As the tears continued to fall

I yearn to ease their pain
But I am not able to touch them
The filthy dark soil became wet now
Yet they continued to dig my grave

The mortals wore black
And they continued to weep
I wish there’s a way to go back
But my story already ended

An end in a tragic and unforgiving way
I pleaded to kill my killer
But then I couldn’t find him anywhere
He vanished the day I vanished

He died the day I died
It was too unfair that I couldn’t have my vengeance
Because my sickness wasn’t alive
But then it managed to end my life.

I hope that you understood this poem. Thanks for reading! 🙂