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Is it hard to stay on one side? Can’t they just stay mean if they are really bad? Frantically speaking, it is so hard to understand them! Day by day, their attitude changes. Hindi ko alam kung saan dun ang totoo. Araw-araw rin na makakarinig ka ng masasakit na salita. Like, really! Is it our fault that we’re here? We didn’t force them in the first place. They have so many secrets that we are yet to uncover. We’re not burdens. As far as I know, nandito kami para tulungan sila, hindi para maging pabigat. It is sad because sometimes, people don’t know how to appreciate simple things. Gusto nila walang mistakes. Ugh! Perfectionists!

Sometimes they act nice and pure, but most of the time they tend to be mean. Tao rin naman kami. We have feelings, too. We tend to get hurt. Even though they could say that we have to deal with it, it is still unfair.

This situation is really hard! I want to leave, but how can I? Ang hirap makisama sa mga taong mahirap pakisamahan.



A Christian. A Filipino. Cupcake mania. A simple person. Writer. Blogger. K-fangirl. "Psalm 63:3"

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