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Just For a Day

“Someone who is able to mend a broken heart.”


Hi. Do you still remember me? Do you still find time to think about me? I am okay, dad. I am trying to. It’s been a year or more since I saw your smile. I missed it! Do you know what I feel right now? It feels like even though I can see you face to face, I won’t still recognize you. You’ve changed a lot, daddy. What happened? What went wrong that you needed to leave me? The pain still affects me. I loathe you, but I love you at the same time, daddy. You said that you will never leave me. But you just did. Your promises… what happened to your promises? You broke it, like how you broke my heart.

Can’t there be more struggles for us, dad? You were the first one who let go. Can you come back now? No, right? Because once you left, you will never find a way to come home. I still feel bitter, every time I hear rumors that you are happy with her. It sucks, dad, that our life turned out this way. It sucks because I can’t have you when I needed you the most. How can you leave a broken child for your selfish reason? How can you hurt me this much, daddy?

I decided not to greet you on your birthday. I decided not to care at all. But the stupid part is, when I try harder not to care, I feel like I want to find you and hug you… and know if you are doing fine. Pathetic. Yes, I am. Now, just for a day, I want you to feel how much I needed you right now. I need you, as a father. I miss you, daddy. I hope that you are doing fine. Even though we ended up like this, it doesn’t change the fact that your blood runs in my body.

         I wish I could turn back time, and stop it in a scene that I love the most. Sadly, I can’t. I won’t be able to. Daddy, I hope that in the future, someone will mend the heart that you broke. I hope that someone will never leave me. I love you! ♥

with so much love,

Your Princess



A Christian. A Filipino. Cupcake mania. A simple person. Writer. Blogger. K-fangirl. "Psalm 63:3"

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