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Downfalls: Falling in Love

Falling in love… is easy. But falling while trying to give trust is hard.

I once read in one of my favorite novels that “to be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved“. How can you love someone if you can’t trust him?

TRUST. A big part of loving. I think, trust breaks first before the heart. Trusting is not all about yourself, it is about you and the one you love. That You and I. US.

We feel pain whenever we fall for someone. But does it always matter if you suffer now? Like trust, pain is also a part of loving. Like what John Green said, “Pain demands to be felt.” So, it does enters our life. It makes your story tragic but awesome at the same time. Every tear that flows from your eyes…every word that comes from your mouth every time you scream… It is all about the pain that you are suffering. But believe me when I say that at the end of the day, when things seem to be alright, you realize that you are still happy because of that one awesome man whom you cherish.

There will be twists and turns…ups and downs… but stay strong and believe. There will be downfalls, problems and mistakes. That is the reality of being a fool in love. Never give up because you are too tired. Don’t waste that long walk that you took for some petty reasons. Hold his hand and never let it go, because your awesome end awaits.

“Keep on believing that out of all the billions of damn humans who are currently breathing on this fallen world, there is someone who will love you awesome-ly.”♥

I still believe in that no matter how I suffer pain. I hope that you do, too.



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