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Downfalls: Falling in Love

Falling in love… is easy. But falling while trying to give trust is hard.

I once read in one of my favorite novels that “to be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved“. How can you love someone if you can’t trust him?

TRUST. A big part of loving. I think, trust breaks first before the heart. Trusting is not all about yourself, it is about you and the one you love. That You and I. US.

We feel pain whenever we fall for someone. But does it always matter if you suffer now? Like trust, pain is also a part of loving. Like what John Green said, “Pain demands to be felt.” So, it does enters our life. It makes your story tragic but awesome at the same time. Every tear that flows from your eyes…every word that comes from your mouth every time you scream… It is all about the pain that you are suffering. But believe me when I say that at the end of the day, when things seem to be alright, you realize that you are still happy because of that one awesome man whom you cherish.

There will be twists and turns…ups and downs… but stay strong and believe. There will be downfalls, problems and mistakes. That is the reality of being a fool in love. Never give up because you are too tired. Don’t waste that long walk that you took for some petty reasons. Hold his hand and never let it go, because your awesome end awaits.

“Keep on believing that out of all the billions of damn humans who are currently breathing on this fallen world, there is someone who will love you awesome-ly.”♥

I still believe in that no matter how I suffer pain. I hope that you do, too.

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Frankly speaking, I hate perfectionists! They act as if they never commit mistakes. They are the kind of people who notice mistakes  rather than improvements. They’re one of the reason why only few fellows know that they are fine… that mistakes are just part of life. They degrade other people. I don’t understand why people do such things. They are so cruel to force somebody to become perfect. Things happen for a reason. There are mistakes and downfalls because there’s a reason why they have to encounter them. They need to learn.

Their way to thinking is WAY too critical that their brains begin to coil. They don’t seem to be happy at all. They always frown because no one can meet their standards…high standards. Why? Are they perfect? They are just perfectionists… not perfect humans. They aren’t happy. Why do they need to witness perfect things if they can’t make them happy?

“I think imperfections leads to happiness…like loving his flaws or accepting defeat and trying again.”

Imperfections are mere examples of things that people commit in order to find happiness. When someone is perfect (but I know no one is), then he didn’t do anything to become happy. His life is useless.

We are not perfect, nor nearly perfect. Dude! There’s no such thing!

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Tik ,Tok, Tik!

Have you ever wondered if you already met your soul mate or destiny? Or do you even believe in these kind of stuffs?

Destiny. Soul mate. True love. Happy ending. FOREVER.

Trust. I always believe in true love. Trusting that it will lead my story into a happier ending. I am too young to understand the simple things in life, and I always rely on other’s story-believing that I can have that kind of story, too. But then, the reality of life is really cruel. Everyone’s story is unique. So I can never steal other’s happy ending.

Oh! I just hope that I can have one. I wish I could watch Romantic movies all day. Imagining that I am the main character. But at the tail end of every story, I woke up and realized that it was just an illusion after all. It is not that bad, right?… to wish for a happy ending? We know that time’s running and that we don’t have much time to wait for THE ONE.

For quite sometime, I learned so many things about life that I will forever keep in my mind. I once read that people are bound to fall in love and then fall. Literally, fall. Downfall. We have the right to love and we also have the right to be in pain. Every one’s end is still a mystery, and all we have to do is make the most out of it! Enjoy it.

We love adventures, right? Then we can grab that opportunity to search and take that one damn shot in a lifetime.

So, how about you? What will you do? Wait?…

“Every hour that we use to wait for our ONE DAMN SHOT is an hour that we waste to look for him.”

Time is running, so we better stop relying on movies and start writing our own!

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how i met him: the nearing end

Misplaced feelings.

That’s just how I describe my relationship with him. My heart was in chaos whenever I am with him. It starts beating really fast with a simple smile or a sudden touch to my skin.
I feel like a lady whenever I am with him. Yes. That’s just how I describe it. And I love him. But I know that’s not enough. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean that you love someone you are already entitled to have that love and take it for granted. You can’t just claim it (even if he’s feeling the same way too) if it’s not right. And our time isn’t right.
For the past four months, I have felt many emotions. I laugh. I cried. I smiled. Then cried again. I became worried that the happiness might consume me or the sadness will. I was thinking about my priorities — God, school, family and self. And I have found out as I assess myself, he honestly wasn’t on the top list. I had a lot of things to do that I don’t think I can prioritize that kind love, this worldly love. I have a God who can love me unconditionally. A mom and a sister who’ll stay with me. But it was such a unfortunate mistake to rely with the love that he is giving. I am grateful for that love but I had forgotten about the things which came first. My commitments became nothing to me. I have diverted my attention to a relationship which I have no assurance if it will last. I forgot about my commitment to God, to my mom, to school, to my other responsibilities. I was too impulsive thinking that I can handle it. Later on, I have realized that I can’t. I am already hurting the Lord because of my disobedience. I have let myself love someone who He didn’t approve to be loved by me at the moment, in the first place. I disobeyed Him. I went on my own way. Hurt Him. I am also about to hurt my mom and my sister. They’re sacrificing a lot for me, but I am taking it for granted. I am so selfish. I am just thinking about my own happiness.
I love this guy. I do, really. I love him that it really hurts to accept the fact that it isn’t right. That is why this feeling is a misplaced one. Maybe I can say that loving him is right, but it is just in the wrong moment, wrong time.
I love him that it makes me cry. I am about to break the heart of the guy I love in order to save our hearts from even hurting more.
Last Sunday, I had given him the right to call me his girlfriend. It was out of control, that situation. Everything’s a mess. I acted impulsively. I am so guilty. Then now, even if days had only passed since we started dating, I decided to break it off. I decided to break our hearts so that it won’t break even more, so that people around us won’t get hurt as well.
At 1 am, I am writing this as I am crying. I am thinking about how much I have disobeyed God. I have surrendered my life to Him a long time ago and started serving Him. But I came to a point that I had a reservation. I didn’t commit fully. And that wasn’t right.
I hate to break my boyfriend’s heart, but my relationship with God and His plans for me is rather more important. I should have listened to that part of me a long time ago. Maybe we won’t reach this point, this point where in we started something that needed to end quickly.
I don’t know what I’ll tell him, how I’ll make him understand. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to tell him. I am afraid. Yes. But I am more afraid of losing God… Of losing my connection with him.
I love my boyfriend. But this is wrong, so wrong. This is utterly misplaced. I realized I am not yet ready to enter a relationship. I can’t handle it. I am too weak, too unprepared. Besides, the Lord doesn’t approve.
I am hurting. But that’s okay. In the future, I know that what I am about to do is right. I just have to step forward and take an action.

Considering of my situation, I just want to impart someone that loving is not easy. You have to consider a lot of things before taking a chance. You have too in order to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Lastly, I want to tell him, even if he won’t even read this blog, that my feelings for him is real. The butterflies in the stomach, the sheepish smiles, the suppressed laughs, the annoying pouts and tiring tantrums were real. I enjoyed that four months. I cannot call it worth it yet, as I am uncertain. But I do hope. And I also hope hurting is worth the tears. I love you.

He doesn’t have any idea how much I want to hug him and kiss him. But I can’t.

Thank you for your irritating smile, your weird antics, corny jokes, natural sweetness and obvious concern. I am feeling the love you are giving me. I am feeling it that’s why it’s hard to for me to let it go. I guess I am not the one God planned for you and maybe I am, we just had it in the wrong moment.

Nevertheless, I love you. And I am sorry.

I’ll be a bad person to you. I’ll hurt you. But I am wishing you the best and happiness, even if I won’t be one of the reasons anymore.

Hello, to the nearing end of how I met him.


I wrote it because I can’t tell this to anyone close to me. I am too ashamed of myself. I am a bad person, a selfish one.

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I farted stars and unicorns

I was asleep; that thin piece of cloth barely covering my body. The night was cold but it didn’t matter. I was lying there, lying on the green grass as if it served as my bed in an open room full of darkness.
It was dark. There wasn’t any sign of light that could give me hope that dawn was near. I was shivering, eyes shut and teeth gritted.
I was waiting for your arrival. I can just choose to leave, but I didn’t. I don’t even want to. You said you’d come back.

You just have to find yourself. But were you lost? I don’t remember seeing your soul leaving your body or the other way around.

I was skeptical to believe your reason but I ended up buying it– ended up waiting in the cold and dark night.
You left me there, remember? I was stretching my arms to you as you slowly walk away from me. Irrational tears fell from my eyes as I watched your retreating back. You said you’d come back and I believed you, even if I know, at the back of my mind, that you’re good in telling lies. When you left, you didn’t even dare to look back as if you haven’t left something, someone– me.
You said you believe in magic. Well, I don’t. You tell me stories about unicorns and damsel in distress and glass slippers. I just listen pretending to be interested to your fictional stories.
I loved you that’s why I forced to make myself be a fan of magic, of mysteries, even if I really don’t.
You see? Magic took you away from me.
When we were together in this same place, hands intertwined, you saw a ting flicker of light. You were fascinated. I even noticed your eyes sparkling. You ought to follow that light, while I stopped you. Then moments passed, you begun telling me that you’re tired, fed up with this whole relationship bound by love. Were you tired of me? Or tired of pretending that you love me?
You’re a liar! You don’t really believe in unicorns and damsels in distress or glass slippers. You hated them. It was just that you thought that I was the one who liked them that’s why you tried liking them as well. But it was such a big mistake to like something you really don’t.
And it’s the same with your feelings. You’re a fat liar, a puppet manipulated by your own greed and ego. You said I was your princess. But you lied again. You saw me as a prey, a bird perhaps. That kind of bird people sell for its beauty. You were my hunter. Like a fool, I let you hunt me and catch. Now that I no longer posses that beauty, you chose to leave me– throwing me like a garbage.
You won’t come back. You won’t. That’s a given

But because I am a fool, I still stay on the same spot where you left me. I look up and stare at the endless darkness.

I noticed stars started floating around me. They were shining so bright. Then unicorns fly leaving a trace of light.

They were coming from me, from me bottom– or the bottom of my heart or stomach. I’m not sure. But they’re beautiful.

Maybe, I farted stars and unicorns, holding the piece of hope that it will bring me light in this dark night and a possibility that one of your lies might be true.


* * *

I don’t know if does make any sense. I just hope it does.

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how i met him (and how it ended)

According to a book I’ve read, people come and go, forever drifting in and out of our lives. Some would stay but some would just pass by. It hurts that the ones you wanted to stay the most are the ones who leave.
In my case, he didn’t just leave. But he also snatched the little happiness that he brought me and left me sadness instead. I shouldn’t let myself drown in that ocean of happiness and fleeting moments. No. I should have just stayed in the shore and never get in the water in the first place. I forgot. I don’t know how to swim. Now, I am slowly drowning at the bottom of the ocean where sadness lies– where screaming for help would be useless because no one would hear me.
It’s funny how I still wish for him to come back even though I’ve been hurt already. It’s an epic choice to still hope for that guy to come and save me. But how could he? In the first place, he was the one who pushed me to drown. And it’s stupid how willingly I am to still hope and to look like fool for nothing. Because frankly speaking, I thought we’d have that little piece of forever. I had hoped for that. But then I guess we can’t find forever with the wrong guy– with the wrong person.
In the end, this was just a long chapter of a book where he played a significant role then vanished after portraying it. Now, I have to the turn the page and get over it. But how?

They say there’s always a rainbow after the rain. I wish I can hope for that easily, but how can I have that rainbow if it’s always raining whenever I wake up?

* * *

Actually right now, even if I am trying to pick up my pieces and surviving to live, the pain still lingers. It creeps in to my body, trying to destroy me once again. But I am trying to prevent that from happening again because the guy who was supposed to protect me left me already.

I wish it would be easier to move on. Because whenever I think about him, I just break down and cry. I just love him so much that it hurts to think that he’s gone. He left me.

But the funny part is that I will still see him this coming semester. He’s my classmate after all. How can I live with that?

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how i met him: update 1

I would be fooling myself if I’ll say that I am so happy right now. Frankly speaking, I’m not. I feel empty.

He said he loves. He said he’d prove it. But nowadays, I am contemplating his feelings towards me, if they were really genuine. I doubt him sometimes. Humans don’t really follow the science of consistency. We change, from good to bad, from bad to worse… Then better and good again. And we’re like that. We are.

Sometimes, he’s sweet. Sometimes, he’s not. He also can’t feel if he offended me with his words or not. I, on the other hand, am scared to tell him that he did. He might think that I am over reacting, that I am sensitive.

He shows less effort than what I expected. I cannot just use his love as my foundation. It won’t be enough. I need to see and feel it. I need him to prove that. I did to build trust because I have some issues on that– trust issues.

“I’ll wait.” That was what he told me. But now, it feels like he’s getting tired of this whole chase. We barely started this unlabeled relationship. Now, it seems like we’re nearing the end.

The end that never had a once upon a time. The end that never had enough magic!

I’m afraid of the conclusion of this story because I don’t want to get hurt. I don’t even want to let him go. But there are also our priorities that we have to consider first as well. This frustrates me more. It seems like nothing can fit into their right places that’s why I have to let go one. But I don’t want to.

So, here I am, silently wishing that he’d just stop loving me and praying at the same time that he won’t. I think I am losing my sanity.

Is this really what love does to you? It makes you insane?

I love him. I’ve grown to love him. That’s why I am so afraid right now– afraid that he might get tired of waiting, afraid that he might not.

I hate myself for being this way.

And I hate him for not being that way.


I only need assurance. I need to be prepared. I have to.

If only he would just wait a little much longer (and I think these adjectives contradict a lot), I would be willing to love him.

Not now. But later.


Please, Chan, wait for me. Wait for us.

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how i met him

If there’s one thing that I learned about life, it’s the reality that we’re not in control of ours. Life is… life is unpredictable. Even if you try so hard to plan things and wish it would happen the way we want it to be, it won’t. There’d be failures or, perhaps, imperfections in that action.

So, when I least expect the big change in my life, where I thought nothing’s new aside from the boring cycle of my college life, that’s where he disrupted my view. Well, maybe, more of interrupted my beliefs. He came and I didn’t even expect that he’d come this soon. I wish I could ask for more, but I know I can’t. That would be too greedy of me. This is why I am letting the time take us. We’re going with the flow, with every click of the long and short hand of the clock. We’re keeping track of the so called process, as I am silently hoping that at the tail of this journey, we’ll still meet halfway. Or hopefully, we’ll meet at the end, not apart but together.

At first, he was just the funny guy of the class. I even thought that he was gay because he’s hanging out with girls– cool and pretty girls. We were both from different blocks from the last semester of our first year in college. We met in a very odd way, yes. And I must admit, when I first laid my eyes on him, I find him attractive. He’s not that handsome, really, but he can be himself in front of other people and that’s what makes him extra attractive.

Of course, that admiration did not last long. I didn’t have any plan of creating new chapters of a cliche love story which only meant to end up bad. Anyway, it would be really a miracle if a love story would come to life within our block. But then, a miracle did happen. I was caught up in that moment and I still can’t move on. It really feels surreal for me. I can’t really fathom it– can’t grasp the fact that somewhere between the spaces between him and I, somehow, there’s really a red string connecting us. And this string pulled us together, meeting at the middle. But first, let me recall the process of how we both got there.

I was a dumb girl. I believe I was. A kind of socially-awkward, introvert/extrovert (depends with the mood), and not-so cool teenager. Yes. That’s how I was. Throughout the whole process, I was trying to crawl out of my own shell as the fear tried to creep in. I was excited and anxious at the same time.

Well, he was basically not yet a part of the picture. He was like an outsider. During the first semester of my second year in college, I was not close to any of my new blockmates, and all I cared about was my grades and the reputation which I was trying to keep– the not-so cool kind of girl. I had my fears– everyone have. You know, teenage angst.

I didn’t talk to him or any of his friends unless it’s about school. I was intimidated. I just want to close doors and not care at all. But at the beginning of the second semester, that’s where the boring ride of my once ferris wheel-like life turn to a joyful roller coaster ride. He took his seat there and took a ride.

I became close to him because of anime. That anime! Yeah. I was also deemed as his interpreter during a class in a major subject. I don’t know. The people inside that room didn’t understand anything that he was trying to say but I did. That’s the reason why I explained it the them. Then boom! I became his interpreter!

That title didn’t last long. People tend to forget funny or sad things easily as if it passes away like people do. They forget them unless some try to remember.

We continue to get closer. First, because of anime. Second, because a friend of mine who is a friend of his as well. This friend served as a bridge. Well, that’s what I believe.

He and I were seatmates in our lab. Well, we were if you are sitting behind him. We were not the talkative type of seatmates, but when we start a conversation, I believe it’s anything but logical. It’s odd, but I believed that’s where fun starts. Maybe, sometimes, the logic in our life just disappears and you wouldn’t care enough.

I found myself getting close to him in any way possible. Through chat, call or text. I was letting him open the closed doors. I was trying to fight back the fear. At the back of my mind, I was hoping that I won’t regret what I chose.

I became conscious of every single thing that he’s doing to me. Walking me home with our other friend even if their way to theirs would be a longer walk; buying me food because I nagging him to; promising to cook something for me; and messing up with my hair when I cut and dyed it. He was noticing the small things about me while I was noticing the odd actions he was doing. I tried to deduct his actions. I came up with the conclusion that he might like, but of course, I wouldn’t just settle with my hypothesis. I need proof just like in a research study, I have to find evidence. I can’t just depend on theories. That’s were I started to collect the data. And I was on my journey of finding the answers to my suspicions, I was already beginning to feel that odd feeling. I was starting to like him– well, maybe, like him back. I thought.

So that night came when he called, his laughter was the first sound that I heard. It was not as pleasant as the guys in novels or movies, but I liked the way it sounded in my ears. It was good. He was making fun of me. But I didn’t care. I don’t even mind if he’s like that. I care more about answering my queries. I want to have that process, but during that moment, I just can’t wait. I was in a rush.

I know we have that stupid belief that guys should make the first move. But who cares? Darn that stereotype.

So, I asked him first. But I just couldn’t make myself say the words. He was waiting at the other side of the line. I was afraid. I was contemplating my future decisions. I came up with the most unbelievable decision that I ever took. I felt different doing that. I was like a cool and reckless kind of person, like I really did not care what other people might say at all. I want to stay with that moment and enjoy it.

I said I like him first. NO. I don’t love him (yet), but I like him. I also told him that it’s okay if he doesn’t like me back. I wouldn’t mind. I just wanted him to know.

He said he was nervous. And I could hear his deep sigh from the other line. I started to feel upset when he can’t even just shrug what I said if he doesn’t like me.

It’s cool that I told him, but if he can’t reciprocate that feeling then it’s only ethical to forget about it. But he didn’t. A long pause. Then, he told me not to be a pessimist. But I wasn’t, right?

That’s where I felt something inside my stomach, as if butterflies were inside. I already know the answer but I still want him to say it. I want him to tell me.

He likes me, too. No! He loves me. I can’t really explain what I felt that time. I was happy, upset, afraid and excited all at once. I just wanted to cry. He was there. I could hear him and I was okay.

I wish… I only wish he won’t get tired. He agreed with the process that I want to take. Don’t rush. Yes, don’t.

Please, don’t get tired of waiting because I am also waiting— for the perfect timing.

Someday, we’ll reach the end of this long chase. I hope during that time, I would still be able to say, freely and happily, how I’ve also fallen for you.

I love you, too.




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Itataas ang Puting Bandera

Suko na ako sa lahat ng argumento mong tila kaya nang kumitil ng buhay ng tao

Wala na akong panlaban pa sa mga dahilan mong wala namang kapupuntahan at walang katuturan

Paulit ulit at paulit ulit na lang tayong liliko sa usapang babalik din naman sa simula

Sa umpisa kung saan ang dating matatamis at mabubulaklak mong salita ngayon ay tila mga balang tumatama na:

Tumatama sa nabibingi ko nang tenga na halos dumugo na kakapakinig sa’yo

Tumatama sa puso kong kasing rupok lang naman ng maliit na bato

Suko na ako, ayoko na

Pagod na pagod na ako

Pagod na akong pakinggan ka at ang mga rason mong kinulang sa lohiko

Hindi mo nga alam gumamit ng retorika, bato ka lang ng bato ng argumento

Mga argumento mong inihahain lang sa mesa kahit wala namang sustansya

Mga argumentong lutong karinderyang wala lasa, niluluto para lang kumita

At habang binibigkas mo ang mga salitang magiging sanhi siguro ng pamamaalam ko, napapaisip ako

Napapaisip kung asan na nga ba ang taong minahal ko at minahal ako na parang walang makakahigit sa mundo

Nasan na ang maamong mukha na araw-araw kong nakikita sa tuwing babatiin ako ng umaga?

Wala na, wala ka na

At tila ba naging panaginip ang masasayang araw na kasama ka

Na habang nakamulat ang dalawang mata, dun pa ako nabangungot ng malungkot at nakakatakot na katotohanang malapit ng matapos ang lahat

Ang lahat na inakala kong may masayang pagtatapos

Ngunit ayoko na

Dahil ang mundo kasama ka ay naging mabigat lang na pasanin sa huli

Na sa tuwing nagpapansinan tayo, lagi nalang nating napapansin ang kapintasan nating dalawa

Walang bahid ng pagmamahal sa mga mata natin

Suko na ako

Dahil tila ba kapag pilit kong tinitimbang ang pagmamahal ko at galit, mas bumibigat ang mapait na galit

Lalo lang sumisikip ang dibdib

At habang pinipilit ko tumakbo palayo sa nakakasakal na sitwasyon, lalo lang humihirap kumawala

Sa iyo ko napagtanto na minsan nakakapagod pala talagang magmahal

Na harang tumatakbo ka kasabay sa agos ng buhay kasama sya, bigla ka na lang titigil at hihingalin

At bago ko pa iyon maramdaman sa kalagitnaan ng daang pareho nating tinatahak, nauna ka nang mapagod

Nauna ka nang makalimot

Kinalimutan mo ang mga mabubulaklak mong pangako na ngayon ay lanta na, gutay gutay at walang buhay

Kinalimutan mo ang mga pangarap na parang kastilyong buhangin

Sabay nating binuo pero isang alon lang ang sumira

Kaya ngayon, bago pa ako tangayin ng parehong dagat na sumira sa binuo natin

Bago pa ako lamunin ng galit na sinlalim ng dagat, titigil na rin ako sa pagtakb

Bago pa ako mabihag ng mga pangako mong hinding hindi na lalago, pipiliin ko nang putulin ang sangang komumokonekta sa iyo sa akin

Aalisin ko na sa utak ko ang pagbabakasakaling baka

Baka maging maayos pa tayo

Itataas ko ang puting bandera

Simbolo ng paglaya ko mula sa hawla nating dalawa

Simbulo ng pagsuko sa mga argumento mong pilit mong ipinapanalo

Itataas ang puting bandera na nagsasabing hayaan mo na akong mag-isa

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Bente Ka Na, Kaya May Bente Ako

Oo, ang tanda mo na nga
Matanda ka at mataba pa
Tanda ko pa noong maliliit tayo
Sabi ko maliit yung posibilidad na maging malapit tayo
Tayo yung aso’t pusa eh
Ikaw yung tumatahol, ako yung kumakalmot
Pero bigla ata natin iyong nilimot
O baka naman pagod na tayo sa yamot
Pero teka, hindi naman ito tungkol dun eh
Tungkol ito sa kaarawan  mo
Yung kaarawan mong puno ng nagkalat na paputok at stick ng barbeque
Ha! Bagong taon nga, bagong buhay na rin kapatid
Bagong taon sa iba, pagbabago rin ng taon mo
Pero kelan rin kaya madadagdagan ang tangkad mo?
Kasabay sa numero ng edad mo?
Bagong taon na, tumalon ka ba?
20 ka na ngayong 2017
Kaso mukha ka pa ring seventeen
Pero alam mo namang mahal kita diba?
Kahit sa text ko lang nasasabi
Kahit kapag tulog lang habang nahilik
Matanda ka na, mataba pa
Kaya sana maisipan mo ring awayin yung mga pagkain
Kasi puro ka kain
Tula pa ba ito?
Mahilig ka kasi sa mga uso
Naku, hindi ko na alam kung konektado
Hindi kasi ako magaling dito
Oo, asan na ako? Ah! Uso.
Uso dito, uso dyan, hanggang humaba na yung nguso
Pero dalang-dala mo naman ate
Dala mo lahat ng kolorete
Sa katawan mo na mura nga pero maganda
Mabait na anak, pandak nga lang
Mapagbigay, kahit yung wallet wala ng laman
Magaling ka rin at maganda
O ayan, nakangiti ka na ba?
Yung bente ko mamaya ha?
Wag mong kalilimutan kapag binati kita.

“Mahal kita. Peksman. Walang titibag.”



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Bagong Kwento

Ikaw iyong napaginipan ko nung isang gabi. Yung lalaking humawak sa kamay ko habang nakangiti. Hindi ko alam kung bakit napangiti rin ako. Basta pakiramdam ko malapit ka sa akin, kasing-lapit ng palad mo sa palad ko. Kita ko ang mga mata mo habang nakapikit ang akin. Kita ko ang mga ngiti mo habang yung labi ko naglalaway na ata. Pagtapos nun, dumating na ang umaga. Dumating ang malamig na umaga, kasabay ng mainit na sinag ng araw at pagmulat ko, pagbukas ng inaantok ko pang mga mata, wala ka na. Hindi ko na maaninag ang iyong mukha. Hindi ko na maramdaman iyong koneksyon natin habang ako ay nakapikit. Tila ba binawi ng paggising ko ang katotohanang hindi totoo ang mga nakita ko. Tila ba sinampal ako sa riyalidad na sa panaginip ka lang magiging totoo. At oo, sa panaginip nga lang tayo nagkatagpo.
Pero sana, ngayong pinatuloy ko ang bagong taon kasabay ng paggising ng bagong umaga, sana makita kita. Sana tumuloy ka rin para magkaroon tayo ng tulay at magkatagpo sa gitna ng lahat ng ito– sa gitna ng gulo, sa gitna ng riyalidad at ilusyon ko.

Sana magkita tayo habang nakamulat ang pareho nating mga mata, nakangiti ang mga labi at magkahawak ang mga kamay.

Walang pag-aalinlangan kung ang lahat ba ng ito ay sadyang panaginip lang. Walang pangamba na baka bukas, paggising ko wala ka na– naman.

Sana ito na yung bagong kwento na magbubukas ng mas magandang pinto, magsusulat ng mas magandang libro at maglilipat ng bagong pahina. Sana ito na iyong pagkakataon natin para sa riyalidad na magtagpo at hindi na lang sa panaginip.
Ngayong bagong taon, sana dumating ka na. Sana buksan mo na ang pinto ng puso kong walang susi. Sana ikaw na iyon.

Sana… minamahal kong hinaharap.

In celebration of New Year! 2017 hooray! GOD BLESS US ALL EVERYONE! ♥♥♥

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Your Holy Birthday

We’ve been celebrating Christmas for years. We all have the feeling of excitement as we welcome that moment. Every person seem to enjoy the idea of having fun during that specific day in December. We love the Christmas spirit.
Children sing songs infront of our homes as they create music using improvised cymbals and tambourine. They anticipate midnight because of the variety of mouth-watering food on top of the table. But then somewhere between those smiles and hugs that we see during that day, somewhere between the gifts and money that we give and receive, we seemed to forget the essence why Christmas happens. Do we still remember why?

Sure. It is utterly fun when our relatives and friends gather in order to celebrate together. But do we still remember why Christmas even started?
We’re having fun, exchanging gifts and hugs with our loved ones, but on the process, we forgot Jesus.

Jesus, the Son of God, is the reason Christmas happened and is still happening. Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to give us all salvation, was born in order for us to live an eternal life.
We should thank Him for loving us. We should celebrate Christmas, reminding ourselves that Jesus Christ died and lived again. We should be thankful that because of Jesus Christmas, we all have a reason to give and receive love. We all have a opportunity to be with the people that we treasure even just for a limited time. It is Lord Jesus who binds everyone. He binds us with love, because He is the beloved Son of God.
As long as the Love of God is felt in this world, Christmas will always be meaningful and lovely.

We are forever blessed. ♥